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Most women find suffering from vaginal itching and burning from yeast infections very irritating and embarrassing. As even men suffer from this infection, in a bid to provide relief to all the victims of this disease, Linda Allen came up with an eBook, ‘Yeast Infection No More’.


This is an eBook written by Linda Allen to treat candida infections using easy and natural treatments.

It contains information on a 5-step program to treat yeast infections, foods to avoid, some anti-yeast meals, remedies for quick relief from vaginal redness and itching, cure for both oral and nail yeast infections and teaches you how to examine a Candida infection at home in just 15 minutes.


It also provides details of the connection between yeast infection and insomnia, stress and even parasites.

About Linda Allen

She is a specialist health and medical researcher, nutritionist and consultant based in California. Being a health and medical researcher, when she once suffered from a yeast infection, she tried various cures to finally, and successfully treat her disease.

It was her successful treatment that prompted her to create this program, ‘Yeast Infection No More’.

The book comprises of 237 pages, and gives a comprehensive listing of the causes, symptoms and treatments for a yeast infection. Linda has divided the book into 3 sections, which has 6 chapters each.

Bonus and gurantee

In addition to the eBook, Linda Allen gives a 6-bonus package to her clients which comprises of 4 different health related eBooks, free updates for a lifetime and one-on-one counseling  for 3 months.

The benefit of this counseling is that you can clarify any confusion you have about the natural treatment ofyeast infections. Linda Allen is so confident of her eBook that she also offers a 60-day money back guarantee with the eBook.

As all the treatments that have been included and advised for treating candida and yeast infections are treatments she has tried and tested on her, it is enough proof that Yeast Infection No More program is not a scam.

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